Madrid with Iberia Express begins its strategy to improve connectivity

Iberia Express has chosen one of its new aircraft A321neo In the name of Madrid, within a strategy implemented by the City Council with various companies to enhance air connectivity. In addition, the cooperation agreement reached between both entities aims to promote the city in all destinations where the airline operates.

The Madrid City Council will “continue to work alongside companies in the sector, which are great ambassadors for the capital to spread the word about Madrid and Promote tourism in the capital‘, she pointed out Almudena MiloMember of the Tourism Council delegate..

“Initiatives like this are very helpful in terms of Contact stimulation in short and medium radius Access to visitors from European markets is Madrid’s core strategy.”

With this agreement, both entities intend to give A bigger view of the city In all destinations where Iberia Express operates, as well as restore air connections. In addition, aviation and sustainable tourism, since the A321neo is a file The most sustainable aircraft in Airbus’ short and medium-range fleet, which provides an additional 6% capacity and an efficiency improvement of approximately 20%.

Almudena Mailo, delegate of the Madrid City Council of Tourism, and Carlos Gómez Suárez, CEO of Iberia Express, performed the iconic cut of the opening film at a ceremony held at the facilities of La Munozha.

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Madrid is betting on the long-distance markets with its new strategy

“We have always had strong ties to this city, since we were born as a company nearly 10 years ago. In fact, we define ourselves as the airline low cost Madrid,” Carlos Gomez commented, CEO of Iberia Express.

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He also indicated that they work with a double commitment, “On the one hand, to meet the communication needs of the capital as a destination and such center on the other continents, thanks to the group’s airline network, and on the other hand, offering an attractive connection to the locals themselves.”

The cooperation agreement between the Iberia Express and the Madrid City Council Tourism District addresses various measures to promote the destination – focusing on certain features of the city, such as gastronomy, green spaces or the wide range of the shopping– In four reference markets such as France, UK, Germany and Italy.

In addition, they organized meetings in Paris and Naples with a total of more than 80 French and Italian travel agents and tour operators.

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