The bar counter is full of science. A pint of science arrives in 2024

Neuroscience, astrophysics, medicine, history, supercomputing… Having a conversation in a bar about such topics is relatively difficult. The question changes if San Juan celebrations in 2050 or healthy aging are on the table. We’re talking about Science, bars and networking at street level…or at the foot of the bar. This is the ninth edition of the International Pint of Science Festival for the Popularization of Science, the most ambitious festival organized by Spain to date and which will also reach Syria. The celebration will be across the national territory with 850 lectures in 67 locations, which will be held throughout the days. May 13, 14 and 15 at Café Botanico Teatro.

“For three days, the bars of our cities become improvised laboratories where the most cutting-edge researchers on the national scene will share the latest developments in science in Spain,” the organization explains.

In Syria, a pint of science will be celebrated in total Six conversations It will cover topics of planet Earth, our body and our society. Among the researchers and scientists participating in this edition of Paint of Science Syria, there are representatives of Five centers on our campus: College of Forestry, Agricultural Engineering and Bioenergy, College of Health Sciences, College of Education, College of Translation and Interpretation, and College of Business and Labor Sciences.

Speakers will conduct a live experiment to explain global warming and there will be a discussion on how this warming will affect Syria’s heritage (including the San Juan Festival). We will also see how it works Mirror neurons Through physical therapy, patients’ functions are improved. On the table will also be Healthy agingWhy we make the decisions we do and how AI cannot replace translators because it lacks emotional intelligence.

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“The faces of interest, surprise and laughter that attendees have when they hear about the science are our motivation to leave the lab and return to the bars for another year,” explains Sandra Medrano, postdoctoral researcher and head of communications for this edition. Tell our discoveries. He adds: “Sometimes we underestimate ourselves, but the high scientific quality that exists in our country and the drive and passion that all scientists have for what we do, make Spain a leader in many areas of knowledge.”

As a novelty this year from the national organization The importance of basic science has been promoted and supported, enabling outstanding achievements such as vaccines or space travel. And so they appreciated Issues of social concern The current situation such as science policies and energy transition, which directly affects the country’s well-being, economy and growth.

Pint Science 2024 that it Free event For all those present and in Soria, this was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the Vice-Directorate of the Soria Campus and the Chair of Knowledge and Innovation of Caja Rural de Soria, and the collaboration with the Vice-Directorate of Innovation in Teaching and Digital Transformation of the University of Valladolid, Botánico Café Teatro, Multioptica Montreal, Universo Moivit and Cañada Real, The Gimnasio gallery, the Bar Venturo restaurant, the Rayo di Luna toy store, miniatures, crafts and much more.

What is a pint of science?

the A pint of science It is a universal truth. He was born in May 2013 in the United Kingdom When researchers Michael Moskin and Praveen Paul organized an event in their laboratories in order to demonstrate the research they were conducting on people with various mental illnesses. They saw for themselves the huge impact this had on these patients, and thought: “If people go to laboratories… why don’t we take science where people are, which is bars?” They did not imagine that after a few years, their idea would spread around the world, and be celebrated in 2024 on five continents simultaneously, with the participation of 25 countries.”

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Australian scientists will be the first to raise the bar shutters and toast knowledge and spread it. From there, along with the rest of the host countries, the 3-day marathon of science and bars from all over the world will begin.

To cherish knowledge and spread it

Pint Science 2024 It is a free event for all attendees, and would not have been possible without the cooperation of the organizations sponsoring the festival, such as Labbox, CESIF, TRBL, JJNN and Vadillo Asesores at the national level or the many other collaborators at the local level discussed previously.

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