Madrid will offer permanent positions to Cuban doctors

The Community of Madrid has launched a call for recruitment of doctors of Cuban and other nationalities to the Madrid Health Service (SERMAS). This is an exceptional process carried out by the Ministry of Health.

On Friday, six decisions promoting the employment of foreign professionals were published. Thanks to them, Cuban doctors residing in Spain or who have recently arrived there will be able to request their inclusion in the operation.

The regulations, published by the Society’s Official Journal, will allow nearly 10,000 non-European professionals to obtain permanent status, the regional executive council reported weeks ago.

Applicants will be selected through a merit competition and in accordance with Law 20/2021 on urgent measures to reduce temporary employment in public jobs.

The call constitutes a total of 115 occupational categories. In this way, 1,719 jobs will be allocated to various medical specialties, 4,776 jobs will correspond to health personnel and 3,079 jobs will be allocated to administration and service personnel.

With the announced policy, foreign doctors based in Madrid will be able to remain there, with stable jobs in public health. They will be joined by those who have received official approval for the medical title.

Call for health workers in Madrid

The main objective of the Community of Madrid Plan is to expand employment benefits and reduce the temporary employment of workers who are currently working in the autonomous community’s medical centers.

With the decisions announced, about 32,000 professionals will become permanent employees before the end of 2024.

As a result, the number of temporary workers will be significantly reduced. It will only account for 14%, and the purpose is to continue to lower that number with future public employment offers.

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SERMAS authorities estimate that between 2022 and 2024, about 20,000 professionals could obtain permanent status.

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