Fedecoltenis has decided where Colombia will host the United Kingdom for the 2023 Davis Cup

If the Colombian national team defeats the United Kingdom, it will advance to the final stage of the 2023 Davis Cup. If not, it will have to win Group A / (Twitter: @MinDeporteCol)

From 3 to 4 February 2023 Colombia She will host the tennis delegation United kingdom to play the qualifying stage of Davis Cup 2023.

The top five matches between the South Americans and the Europeans will be able to get excited about advancing to the final stage of the competition, where the world tennis powers are in their male branch.

With the host team Colombia in their favor and their captain, Alejandro FallaThey already have everything ready with instructions from the Colombian Tennis Federation (Fedecoltenis) to play cards in Old Town Country Club The dimension in the province of Cundinamarca.

And so, on the outskirts of Bogota and in the clay court category, the match against the ten-time Davis Cup champion will be hosted by the municipality of Cota. This was Fedecoltenis’ announcement on his Twitter account for the matches against the English:

Colombia's home in the 2023 Davis Cup qualifying stage / (Twitter: @fedecoltenis)
Colombia’s home in the 2023 Davis Cup qualifying stage / (Twitter: @fedecoltenis)

In the same way, Captain Alejandro Falla showed optimism for what was to come and invited people to attend the Pueblo Viejo Country Club to support the national team:

I hope they will join us, and fill the field. The UK have a very strong team and in the next few days they will confirm that so we need you all to cheer and we can take this series

In Kota, the professional tournaments of the International Tennis Federation were hosted. In 2019, the municipality was responsible for organizing a women’s event, while in 2021 it did so with a mixed category.. In this way, in 2023, the Davis Cup headquarters will be removed from Bogota to move it to the surrounding areas.

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In 2018 and 2019, Sports Palace It was where the matches were played Sweden s Argentina, respectively; while this year Carmel Country Club Showdown hosted by turkeythe latter with the following results:

Colombia results in the 2022 Davis Cup against Turkey
Colombia results in the 2022 Davis Cup against Turkey

The Davis Cup series between Colombia and Great Britain will be one of 12 tournaments to be played in February in the Round of 1 qualifierswho contemplates the following duels:

2023 Davis Cup Qualifiers
2023 Davis Cup Qualifiers

The group stage of the September 2023 Finals will be the target of the team consisting of Nicolas Mejia, Daniel Galán, Nicolas Mejia, Nicolas Barrientos, Juan Sebastian Caballe and Robert Farah.

These 12 winning teams will be joined by the 2022 Davis Cup champions (Canada), 2022 Finalist (Australia) and two countries received an invitation wild card by the organization (Spain And the Italia).

Each of the qualifiers will be contested with two singles matches on the first day; and a doubles match and singles match twice during the second day, all fixed in three sets.

It should be noted that Colombia was among the 12 winning teams in World Group I And that in the 2022 edition, the Tricolor team was defeated in this case by the United States, 4-0, in Reno (Nevada), with the participation of Alejandro Gonzalez.

This was the Colombian’s equilibrium Reno Events Center Nevada between March 4th and 5th of this year:

Colombia national team results in the 2022 Davis Cup qualifiers against the United States
Colombia national team results in the 2022 Davis Cup qualifiers against the United States

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