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In celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the Ministry of Education organized a day in which the work of Ecuadorian women working in science was highlighted.

In this event, the two seasons of the program were presented.We are women and we work with science“, a joint initiative between Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) and International Center for Higher Communication Studies of Latin America (CIESPAL)Which will now be included in the programming”education“, Educational Television of the Ministry of Education, which broadcasts on an open signal throughout the country.

The purpose of “We Are Women Doing Science” is to highlight the valuable contribution made by Ecuadorian women scientists and to foster new generations’ interest in STEM careers.

During the delivery of the programme, Veronica LegardaThe Deputy Minister of Educational Administration stressed the importance of recognizing that science and gender equality are essential for sustainable development. On the other hand, Yadira Espinosa, OEI project coordinator, explained the genesis of the initiative, saying: “This project seeks to highlight those scientists whose research contributes to achieving a sustainable future.”

In the words of Gisela Davila, Director of CIESPAL; “We are women and we work with science“It is a program that brings us closer to the stories and motivations of Ecuadorians who are passionate about these fields.”

Each season of the program contains 20 interviews with scientists, with the participation of students from various educational institutions in the country. The event concluded with the signing of an agreement between the Ministry of Education, OEI and CIESPAL, with the aim of expanding the dissemination of the programme. In this way, the “We Are Women Doing Science” campaign will be able to reach more young people in Ecuador, bringing them closer to the wonderful world of science.

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