Macron or Le Pen? A doctor in political science predicts who will be the next president of France

France celebrates, on Sunday, the second round of elections, they face Emmanuel Macron and Marie Le Pen to head the country. For this reason, Andrea Rubero gives an interview to Pilar Martinez Vasseur, Doctor of Political Science and Professor of Contemporary History, who analyzes the situation in France and the strengths and weaknesses of each of the candidates.

“Throughout Macron’s tenure, there have been a lot of warnings that Voters don’t feel heard”, the expert confirms to a journalist from El Intermedio, assuring that in the event he emerges victorious, the president who still “has a lot of effort to do to earn it”.

On the other hand, Pilar Martínez-Vasseur also asserts that the discussions between Macron and Le Pen have normalized the “far-right vocabulary” among the population and this in turn leads the French to see their candidates as a possible option.from the government“.

Despite the fact that both candidates could win in these elections, political scientist Pilar Martinez Vasseur “wet” in the main video of the news and He reveals who he thinks will take over the presidency: “He wins and does not convince and his future will be difficult,” he confirms.

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