Luxurious city with clear sea to enjoy a weekend in Spain

Mallorca has a series of pockets that are genuine jewels Landscapes, culture and gastronomy, the city with the crystal clear sea manages to conquer even the most demanding weekend travellers. It is not necessary to travel thousands of kilometers to travel around the world, we only need to travel a few times to the Balearic Islands, the Spanish Caribbean in its purest form due to the unenviable waters of the Mediterranean in distant lands. This is the city you must visit in Mallorca.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend in Spain in this city with clear sea

The clear sea is one of the main attractions A trip to Mallorca aims to enjoy a very charming corner. Pollenca Port is a city located in the north of Pollenca Bay. A world-famous place with truly breathtaking scenery.

The state of this city At the beginning of the Formentor peninsula It’s what gives it the landscape and views that make El Port de Pollença one of the must-see places in Mallorca. The city began to grow as a fishing village, due to the richness of the sea that still provides the best for the land to this day.

Authentic hunters recipesThe flavors of all life mixed in 2022 for visitors who arrive in search of a necessary break. Port of Pollença has great options to offer for those who enjoy the freshest fish served on the sea front.

One of the most famous visits was the writer Agatha Christie She was pleased with what this city had given her. He loved it so much that it ended up being the basis for one of his most famous novels that crossed borders. Directly or indirectly, Port de Pollença is one of the most famous places in Mallorca.

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Generally Mallorca receives tourists from the United Kingdom and Spain I am glad to be able to discover what this island hides. There are many treasures hidden behind a harbor with a history or sunset overlooking a small peninsula that ended up being one of the picturesque attractions of the island. It will not be necessary to fly from Spain to enjoy a weekend near the wonderful sea.

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