Lula presented to the President of Brazil the illegal actions of Moro-Prinsa Latina

The conversations, which were hacked by cell phone hackers of members of the dissolved Lava Jato judicial process, were obtained by Lula’s defense following a decision from Lewandowski.

In a memorandum sent to a Supreme Court judge, attorneys for the PT founder provided copies of the letters and stated that Morrow “acted while preparing the complaint” and “demanded consent even in advance of the MPF (Federal Public Ministry) appeal.”

The former Labor leader’s defense also warned that members of Lava Gato followed, in real time, the phone interception that Morrow had authorized on the cell phones of Lula’s lawyer in 2016, when then-president Dilma Rousseff tried to name the first. Head in the civilian house.

The secret of the phone conversation of the then President of the Republic, Dilma Rousseff, was lifted by the former judge Sergio Moro despite the fact that his ineligibility for the act was evident by the endorsement of the PGR members (attorney). General Office (Republic) ‘, the text says.

Defense attorneys also allege that the Lava Gato prosecutors’ group did not respect the rules in its partnerships with the US and Swiss authorities to conduct investigations.

Commenting on the content provided by the previous legal team: “Without much effort to understand, the facts in the attached dialogues are extremely dangerous and reveal all kinds of wrongdoing by then judge Sergio Moro and the members of Lava Gato.” Lewandowski.

The day before, Labor chief Gleesy Hoffman had confirmed that Morrow was afraid to publish letters proving his conspiracy and bias in court proceedings.

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On social media, Hoffman denounced that the former judge had submitted a request to STF to prevent phone conversations endorsing his collusion against Lula from seeing the light.

(Morrow) says he acted to protect the former president. Do you think someone is going to swallow that trash? make me laugh! The Federal Representative said: He is afraid of everything that is coming.

On the defensive, after learning about Lava Jato’s dialogues, former Justice Minister pleaded with Judge Edson Vaschen, of the STF, to try to stop Lewandowski’s decision to hand over messages captured by the Federal Police to hackers to Lula.

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