The grave British border problem left behind by Brexit

The European Union and the United Kingdom have agreed to initiate work to solve the important problems left by Brexit, particularly with regard to the protocol abolishing the physical border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. However, this creates an imaginary frontier in the Irish Sea with customs and veterinary checks for some of the products moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

Delays, shortages and past struggles

London has called for an extension of the transition period to ease congestion in these operations, which have already led to shortages and delays in goods.

Last Friday, the European Commission was forced to correct and cancel the controls imposed on the export of vaccines in Northern Ireland, which it had just imposed, knowing that it was a huge mistake.

Vice President Maros said: “This has to be a two-way street, the UK must comply with what it has committed to: apply the protocol correctly. For us this is the key to avoiding difficult borders, to maintain peace. Civkovic Committee.

Verification of food of animal origin has already been suspended after graffiti surfaced in Protestant neighborhoods and threats from paramilitary trade union groups against workers who carried them out. Trade unionists believe that such controls could create a rift between Northern Ireland and the rest of the country and cause social tensions related to the Northern Ireland peace process.

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