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Amplified this Monday by various media and platforms, in his speech this weekend at a cultural gathering in São Paulo, Lula insisted that the South American giant should prioritize social inclusion.

“Keep protesting because it is your scream that can help liberate this country,” he repeated.

He noted that if it was only personal luxury, “it is too small. I cannot understand how anyone can sleep peacefully when we know that the richest city (São Paulo) in Latin America has thousands of boys and girls sleeping under a tarp on the sidewalk, ” He said.

In another aspect of his speech, the founder of the Labor Party made it clear that the army should not look for “internal enemies”, but to protect the country’s sovereignty and fight against external opponents.

We must take care of our borders, 17 thousand kilometers of dry borders and eight thousand kilometers of sea. We must not interfere in domestic politics.

Lula, who leads intent to vote for the presidency in the 2022 elections, also criticized how the military expresses itself when it talks about politics and commented that in his government (2003-2011) he did not see it.

Without giving names, he summoned someone who wanted to testify in uniform on the Senate committee assessing government administration before Covid-19.

The former Minister of Health, General Eduardo Pazuelo, was advised not to attend that meeting in uniform.

For the former working leader, “It’s not the uniform that commands respect, it’s the character. It’s your professional behavior. You’re in the military to ensure the sovereignty of your country,” he noted, accusing Bolsonaro of being “close to fascism.”

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Once again under the cry, Bolsonaro out, more than 300 cities in Brazil and some abroad held actions and rallies on July 3 on a day called #3J to demand Bolsonaro’s removal.

This was the third national demonstration after those that took place on May 29 and June 19.

As in previous protests, social and popular movements, unions and youth led the uprising also in defense of Covid-19 vaccination and emergency aid worth 600 riyals (about $106).

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