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At the start of the match between Liverpool and Benfica, the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final, the players of both teams and all the fans stood for an emotional minute of silence.

While the only noise was the sound of the wind, An emotional tribute was held in the stands at Anfield Road, the team’s “red” home. Number 97represented in red banners, and wrapped in two luminous flames, stole the attention of the cameras.

Why was there a minute of silence? What does the number 97 mean?

Hillsborough Tragedy

Pray for truth and justice for the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy.

The deadly silence that prevailed at Liverpool Stadium came in honor of what happened on Saturday 15 April 1989 during the FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest. That night, fans of the “red” team filled Sheffield Stadium. Overcrowding was evident, however, authorities allowed fans to gather in the stands…

On that day, within minutes, without making any noise, hundreds of people ended up smashing in front of the stadium walls. The books talk about 97 dead, 800 wounded, and thousands of fans in forever sequels. History remembers her as: The Hillsborough Tragedy.

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Initially, Liverpool, its fans and the victims themselves were identified as the main culprits in official reports and in the coverage of local newspapers. however, Over time, the investigation was reopened and it was determined that the police and logistics were the main culprits.

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This event led to the UK government’s requesting that the well-known “Taylor Report” be implemented to enhance security in stadiums by combating hooliganism.

The fateful night forever marked the history of the “red” team. Today, the back of his shirt collar has a number 97 framed by a pair of flares. Its fire commemorates those who died prey to lack of control.


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