Luis Arce responds to Evo Morales over self-coup accusations: ‘Make no mistake’

Luis Arce responds to Evo Morales over accusations of self-coup (European Press/Archive)

president Bolivia, Louis Arce“Make no mistake,” the former president said Sunday. Evo Morales About the military uprising that the leader of the ruling party described as “Self-revolution“In the last few hours.

Evo Morales, don’t make that mistake again! “It is clear that what happened on June 26 was a failed military coup in Bolivia.”

“Do not side with fascism that denies what happened! Those responsible for this who sought to seize power by force of arms are being tried and will be tried, as happened with the masterminds of the 2019 coup,” the president added.

Arce’s publication comes in response to former President Morales’ statements made Sunday morning, when he declared that “Lucho Arce deceived the Bolivian people and the entire world with this coup or self-coup,” during his Sunday television program. Radio Kaushashon Coca.

Now Evo Morales says Luis Arce staged a self-coup: ‘He deceived the Bolivian people and the entire world’ (EFE/ARCHIVE)

official party leader movement towards socialism MAS said it had doubts about the military action, which the government described as an “attempted coup,” and that President Arce’s call to it on Wednesday during the military uprising “was a lie of solidarity.”

“There are many details, at first until Wednesday evening, until Thursday morning, I thought it was a coup, but now I am confused, it seems like a self-initiated coup,” said the coca growers’ leader.

During the program, the former president questioned the way the uprising was carried out and the reaction of the Arce government, even days before Morales confirmed that he “was a target” of the military operation carried out by his forces. Zuniga.

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He also said he suspected the military mobilization was “planned” by the president, to gain prestige and then “harm himself with crocodile tears.”

President Ars said in an interview with Evie Who was afraid for him, his government and the citizens who came to Murillo Square To try to defend the seat of executive power during last Wednesday’s “coup attempt.”

“We know the military is starting to pull the trigger,” he said.

The commander-in-chief of the Bolivian army, Juan Jose Zuniga, said that there will be a new government.

On June 26, the dismissed former leader Zuniga arrived with tanks and gunmen at the headquarters of the executive authority. Bolivia In La Paz, he said he wanted to “change the government” and “re-establish” democracy, but after a few hours of tension he backed down and was later arrested.

Presidential Minister Maria Nela Prada and Government Minister (Interior) Eduardo del Castillo separately criticized former President Morales’ statements.

He added: “Evo today intends to say that President Arce lied to the country and to the international community (…). We cannot be irresponsible towards history. “With the lives of the Bolivian people only for the sake of ego and ambitions for power,” Prada said on a program on the state channel. Bolivian TV.

“Evo Morales has become obsessed with compulsive myths and believes that the country revolves around him, and he does not even have the dignity to worry about what could actually happen within the national territory,” del Castillo said at a press conference on Sunday.

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(With information from EFE)

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