Lots of PCR, a little mask, and big inconsistencies in London

The informant from Spain must comply with the demands of the United Kingdom and also those of UEFA, which are complementary and possibly repetitive.

London has a very strict sanitary protocol but obvious contradictions that allow one to suspect that there is a large company behind the tragedy. To cover today’s match between Italy and Austria at Wembley, the Spanish informant must meet the demands of the United Kingdom and also those of UEFA, complementary and possibly recurring.

Since Spain is on the list of Boris Johnson government’s amber countries, there are four obligations to move there: give a negative in a PCR test taken in the 72 hours before the flight, fill out a cumbersome online form, booked leave and pay (about 260 euros with commissions) From the country of origin two more PCRs for the second and eighth days of stay in the UK and serve a ten-day quarantine.

Although London does not accept a Covid passport from the European Union, much of the restrictions are due to applause for the benefit of citizens, with quarantines and tests almost overlapping with time. But it is funny and indignant that at the same time people walk without a mask in the streets and bars are crowded inside, without any protection and not the slightest safety distance.

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