Two galaxies about to collide were captured in shocking photos

a galaxy It is a collection of stars, gas clouds, planets, cosmic dust, dark matter, and energy gravitationally united in a rather specific structure. a galaxy It consists of countless stars; These can range from 107 dwarf galaxies, to giant galaxies that can contain as many as 1014 stars. Within this group of stars are substructures such as nebulae, star clusters, and multiple star systems. word origins galaxy They came from the Greeks, who attributed the origin of the Milky Way to drops of milk spilled into the universe by the goddess Hera while she was feeding the infant Hercules.

Unbelievable two galaxies On the verge of merging, that is, collision, unit management, and file formation galaxy Larger. The Hubble Space Telescope captured this unique and unique fact. The collision or merging of two galaxies is called a cosmic collision, and results in a Disaster, i.e. the transformation or destruction of a large or complete part of a given bioenvironment and thus any disaster of an extreme and greater scale than an abstract disaster.


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