Castillo takes office as Peruvian president while Fujimori continues ‘fraud’

(EFE). Nearly three weeks after the presidential elections in Peru, the leftist Pedro Castillo is already acting as Virtual President-elect Pending its official announcement, which was delayed due to Keiko Fujimori’s insistence not to recognize the results and to condemn the alleged fraud without evidence.

Despite the fact that fraud has been ruled out by the international community, experts, election observers and courts, Fujimori still sticks to his position with the support of the more conservative right, including a group of retired soldiers who are asking the armed forces not to recognize Castillo. If he is declared president.

On 100% scrutiny, Castillo beat Fujimori by nearly 44,000 votes in a vote held on June 6, in which the Peruvian teacher and union leader won with 50.12% of the valid votes.

However, the daughter and political heir of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) denounced alleged electoral “rigging” the next day, when she saw her third consecutive defeat in the presidential election as almost final.

Fujimori requested that about 200,000 votes from rural, Andean and poor regions, where Castillo had overwhelming support, be rescinded, under the premise that they would be “rigged”.

With 100% scrutiny, Castillo beat Fujimori by nearly 44,000 votes in a vote held on June 6 in which the Peruvian teacher and union leader received 50.12% of the valid votes.

None of his more than 800 appeals to nullify the votes in the first place were accepted by electoral juries, which dismissed them for lack of evidence.

Fujimori’s last hope was the plenum of the National Elections Arbitration Commission (JNE), which began for the second and final time this week to review appeals submitted by the candidate.

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However, the first ten appeals worth JNE were dismissed on Wednesday, leading to the resignation of Judge Louis Ars, who is the only one in favor of Fujimori’s demands.

This move by Arce temporarily left JNE without a quorum and prevents her from meeting again until her replacement is replaced.

In his resignation letter, Ars, implicated in a major conspiracy of judicial corruption with ties to Fujimori, asserted that he did so to prevent minority votes from being used “to prove the validity of false constitutional deliberations which are in fact decisions with clear political bias”.

Added to all this are alleged audio recordings on Thursday by Vladimiro Montesinos, a senior adviser to former President Fujimori and the architect of the giant corruption network that monopolized the state apparatus in the 1990s.

In these recordings, apparently recorded in the prison where he is being held, Montesinos coordinates over the phone how to bribe JNE to benefit Keiko Fujimori.

In these recordings, apparently recorded in the prison where he is being held, Montesinos coordinates over the phone how to bribe JNE to benefit Keiko Fujimori.

JNE’s rulings to the contrary weren’t the only bad news for Fujimori’s presidential aspirations, which has had a week full of setbacks.

On Monday, she escaped back in temporary jail for the case in which she was accused of laundering money in irregular funding of her previous campaigns, but a judge prevented her from meeting and communicating with two key spokespeople for her legal strategy.

Judge Victor Zuniga considered Fujimori to have violated probation procedures when he met witnesses in the case such as Fujimori’s attorney, spokesman for Miguel Angel Torres and the leader of the Christian Popular Party, Lourdes Flores, for whose sake he had warned him that he would do so. Go to jail if this happens again.

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Then, over the course of the week, the US State Department, the European Union and Canada ensured that Peru’s elections were free, fair and democratic.

The US Department of State, the European Union and Canada have ensured that Peru’s elections are free, fair and democraticديمقراطي

In the same vein, the Organization of American States (OAS), which had the largest election observation mission, was certified and continues to monitor the process, which it said is being carried out in accordance with electoral standards.

Meanwhile, oblivious to almost everything, Castillo began to act as if he were already president, during the week he met with various leaders of other political parties.

On Thursday, the body of a 6-year-old boy, the only fatality to have been hit by a 6-magnitude earthquake the night before, came and traveled this Friday to the southern city of Cusco for a meeting. of the governors of the regions.

“On this path there are no losers or winners, and today we are one family and it is the Peruvian people who need us to organize ourselves to start with this developmental achievement and end problems such as the pandemic and the great inequalities that plague the country,” Castillo said after the meeting.

Far from what Castillo is asking, the polarization will continue this Saturday, when, as in the previous week, there will be two massive demonstrations, one in favor of his official declaration as president-elect and the other for Fujimori to demand results. to nullify.


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