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Actress Lisa Kudrow returns to the TV comedy in the second season of “Feel Good” shortly after her appearance on Friends: The Reunion.

Meeting the cast of the classic comedy “Friends” has become a hot topic on social media and increase subscriptions to the HBO Max platform where it is shown.

Kudrow told Reuters via Zoom that he believes “un poco alucinante porque realmente no te das cuenta totalmente del impacto que el programa tuvo internacionalmente y las historias personales de las que se enteraron a lo largo de los años. Es realmente agradable. Ahora me Ah voy a dormir’ pensando, h good”.

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In Feel Good, entering its second and final season, Kudrow plays the mother of Mae, a non-binary comedian who struggles with demons from her past while trying to maintain a relationship with her friend George.

The first series was critically acclaimed, and Mae Martin, who based the show on her own experience, won two Royal Television Association Awards for Best Screenwriter and Comedy, and also took home a Breakthrough Award.

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“Since they sent me the script… I loved it. I loved every episode, I loved what it was about,” Kudrow said.

However, His commitment to the project meant that the “Friends” star had to travel to the UKMost of the series was filmed during the pandemic.

“I was looking forward to it, but forgot as soon as I was ready with the Covid protocols. I felt completely safe,” Kudrow said.

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