List of top targets between Mexico and the United States

last April 19th Selections from Mexico And United State They tied 1-1 in it State Farm Stadiumin Glendale, Arizona, in a friendly match, where most of the teams belonged to the local leagues, but fortunately the goals were not missed.

This meeting wouldn’t be the only time the teams met this year, as the ones that follow will follow June 15th Must meet as part of the semi-finals of CONCACAF League of Nations. There are also possibilities Gold Cup 2023 They face each other in setting stages.

That’s why we offer you the list to The best goals between Mexico and the United States.


Landon Donovan 2007

In 2007, Mexico and the United States met in a friendly match Glendale, Arizona. The locals took the lead by the minute 52 after Jimmy Conrad He will finish the corner kick he took landondonovan.

As far as the ones he leads Hugo Sanchez They tried to equalize the score, but failed. per minute 91king ‘captain America’ He took advantage of the fact that the referee had blocked a pass to take the ball in the center of the field, push the opponents out of their way and hit them. Oswaldo Sanchez for him 2-0 ultimate.


Israel Castro 2009

Another great goal between Mexico and the United States was business Israel Castro. It happened on August 12, 2009. Only the “tricolor” managed Three points out of 12 possible in it hex end to world Cup and pupils Javier Aguirre They were trying to score a vital victory in Aztec Stadium.

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The game quickly turned into an upswing for the locals when Charlie Davies Registration opened at 8′. However, after 10 minutes, Cuauhtemoc Blanco give the ball to Israel Castro At three quarters of the field, the quarterback steps up, gets out and takes an unstoppable shot that hits the crossbar and ends up in the US net. At that time Mexico returned and ended in victory after A.J 2-1 last.


Penny Feilhaber 2017

the CONCACAF Gold Cup From 2007 on Soldier fieldin Chicago between the two strongest teams in the region: Mexico and the United States. The locals took the victory 2-1 Yet an unforgettable return to its history.

Andres Guardado Registration opened at 43 ‘F landondonovan He equalized the penalty score at 62′. The final goal was one of the most remembered by the Mexicans and the Americans in the 73rd minute. Penny Feilhaber He took advantage of a short clearance from the Mexican defense and thoughtlessly smashed it as far as he could Oswaldo Sanchez.

This is the only occasion in history that the ‘Stars and Stripes’ have defeated the Tricolor Two consecutive Gold Cup finalsbecause they also came from being champions in 2005.


Paul Aguilar 2015

the 2015 CONCACAF Cup It was the first and only version of this alternative tournament to Gold cup. The Mexican team did not arrive in time and Riccardo Ferretti He took over the team to straighten out the situation.

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Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez Registration opened at 10′, however Jeff Cameron He equalized the match after only five minutes. already in extension, Uribe Peralta He made it 2-1 in the 96th minute, though the USA responded quickly again. Bobby Wood Again tied with his team on 108′.

When it seemed there would be no choice but to punish, Raul Jimenez Lift the ball into the American box Paul Aguilar Did not fall bottom net sent to 118 minutes to the final 3-2.


Michael Bradley 2017

Mexico and the United States met again CONCACAF Final SixOn this occasion, it was 2017On the way to the World Cup Russia 2018. On the sixth day Aztec Stadium He received an American team that was not yet in the qualifying positions.

Michael Bradley He gave hope to the United States when in the 6th minute they intercepted a pass from “chicharito” Midfield, forward and visionary Guillermo Ochoa He shot from three-quarters of the field. Carlos candle put the 1-1 final On that occasion at 23 minutes.


Giovanni dos Santos 2011

Goal Goals If we talk about matches between Mexico and the United States. The 2011 Gold Cup Final in Pasadena, California was a breeze of goals. The “Tricolor” won 2-4 and claimed their ninth championship title.

In the 76th minute, with Mexico leading 2-3, Gerardo Torrado The ball dribbled to Giovanni Dos SantosLeft on the way to Tim HowardOther defenses and without room to manoeuvre, he sent the ball into the corner for a memorable goal.

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