Diego Lopez and Carmen Jimenez, once again the kings of Europe

team led by Vicente Mullins and Anna Belin Jenner She swept the medal table in the competition in total Six golds, one silver and two bronze, a result that places them far above the rest of the participating teams, which were the Netherlands, Belgium, the Basque Country, Italy and the United Kingdom.

The two pillars of this choice are Diego Lopez and Carmen Jimenez from Castellón. Between the two, they racked up six medals, three each, out of a total of nine earned by the Valencia team, which moved up the podium in all formats contested: single wall under-15, under-17 and 19, and an international game – all of them​ ​In the male and female category, and in the long run, it is disputed only in the male category. Carmen, who combines leadership and athletics, helped her team win gold in international play, as well as silver in one wall under-17 and bronze in under-19.

Other results

employment international game They defeated the Valencian Basque Country 6-4 to win for the first time this way. employment one wall The U-17 team won the silver medal after a very tough final where they lost 1-2 to the Basque Country. In addition, with the under-19 team, Castellón and her teammates were unable to play the final after falling to the Basque team, although they made up for it by taking bronze against the Belgian.

For his part, Diego won two golds from Onda, in the international and Largos competitions, and a bronze in one wall under 19.

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employment Long, the inhabitants of Valencia had to overcome cold, wind and rain to obtain gold. In the final, they beat the host team 6-2, which is the same result they achieved in the final of the international match against Belgium. In a sub-wall 19, they were unable to fight for the gold medal after their defeat against the Netherlands, and they defeated the Belgian team in the match that decided the bronze medal.

Carmen: “It was a pleasure to win an international match”

Carmen Jimenez already knew what it was like to compete in a European Junior Championships. He did just that in 2019, in Portugal, where he managed to win the gold medal in the sub-15 single-wall method. So the Netherlands is their second continental championship. From this tournament he earned three medals, one from each discipline he was a part of and each one from a different metal. He won gold in international play, silver in under-17 single wall, and bronze in under-19 single wall, where he also competed despite being an over-age category.

Carmen Jimenez, in Euro Jove as pilot. Mediterranean sea

«It was a very unusual and enjoyable experience. After a lot of time in training, we created a big family and this was noted in the results, and we reached almost all the finals.” Perhaps what the Castellón player is most proud of is “his being able to beat the Dutch in international play, something our national team has not yet achieved. They have a different game, but we knew how to adapt to them and defeat them with power.”

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The next European Championship will be held in two years and CPV Pilot Castelló will try to “gain the coaches’ trust again and become part of the team again.” This will be my third participation in this important competition.”

Diego: “He was the best European player I played”

Diego Lopez faced this tournament knowing it would be his last European Young Championship. One of Onda represented the Valencia team in Europe in Spain in 2017, Portugal in 2019 and the last in the Netherlands.In addition, he had the additional responsibility of being the captain of the team. From now on, he will have to fight to be part of the ultimate Valencia squad.

Diego Lopez, in Euro Jove as pilot. Mediterranean sea

«It was a very nice experienceFor me, the best of the three since I was the team captain, which was a very big responsibility and made me a huge illusion,” the young driver from Waving admits.

It was difficult to improve his farewell to the lower teams. Diego won two gold medals, which were essential for the Valencia team to be declared European champion and He guided his companions as a captain, for the title in both llargues and international play, as well as bronze in the sub-19 single wall category.

“Regardless of whether it was a win or a loss, we were always a team and we all went for one,” explains the player, showing his chest as he talks about the fantastic group he was a part of in this young European pilot. «If it’s won, it’s okay and if it’s lost, we won’t stop supporting each other‘ adds the player.

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