Lionel Messi lives a normal life in the United States: What does Gonzalo Bonadio think?

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Gonzalo Bonadio commented on this lifestyle that Messi would lead in North America in his weekly column for AIRE. “The Argentine media ‘Argentine’ the concept of the public in the United States. Shaquille O’Neal also goes to the supermarket. These guys go to the supermarket and meet Johnny Depp or Miley Cyrus. This will help Messi a lot, who went to look for this too, to be able to go to the supermarket as a family ”, V said Now I come.

Macy’s supermarket

Lionel Messi went shopping in the supermarket.

In addition to the new lifestyle that the best player in the world will have United StateThe journalist talked about the possibility that Facundo Farias And many other young people join in Inter Miami to lead by Gerardo Daniel Martino.

“Martino is a great coach who is overcoming his setback in Mexico. What he does is essential, we like to talk about making friends with Messi. He didn’t win the World Cup because they made friends, but because he has a number of friends. Players from different generations make the team different. For Messi it will be a pain In the liver if everyone expects him to score four goals in every game. Messi needs people to run around him and not for him to run around Busquets.”Analyze Bonado.

Column by Gonzalo Bonadio

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