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We are constantly receiving new updates and tools on WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app. Here we always tell all the details, but despite this, many functions that are performed are forgotten. WhatsApp finally brings us a new feature that can put an end to forgotten features: an official chat to keep users informed.

What is it about and what is the new WhatsApp chat that has mysteriously appeared?

Did your WhatsApp contact appear mysteriously in the chat tab? Don’t worry, if it’s an official verified WhatsApp account that you can’t reply to, it’s an account implemented by the company to show users tips, watch ads, and post new features.

That’s right, this new official WhatsApp chat allows you to receive localized in-app ads for new WhatsApp features right within the app. It’s been in beta for quite some time, and now it’s expanding to more users, if it doesn’t show up yet, you just have to update your app and wait for the next few days. When a chat appears, you have the option to block it in case you don’t want to receive notifications.

We have previously reported that WhatsApp is developing an official WhatsApp chat on the same platform, as they will announce new features in the future. As reported by WABetaInfonow they are finally included in new updates, reaching more users widely.

In the following screenshots, you can see how to view the official WhatsApp chat. For example, in the image, you can see how WhatsApp provides information about two-factor verification, a feature that provides an extra layer of protection. The official WhatsApp chat is a read-only chat and is end-to-end encrypted so that no one can intercept your messages. You cannot reply to this chat, if you do not want to receive messages, you must block it.

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Although this chat will appear automatically, you can block it if you do not want to receive WhatsApp messages such as advice and news. To block it, just go to the contact info, scroll to the end, and there you will see the options to silence the sound, or in any case, block permanently. The idea of ​​WhatsApp is to announce new features within an official WhatsApp chat. Thanks to these advertisements, you will be able to get acquainted with the latest news that users have been informed about.

Finally, it is important to note that if this new official WhatsApp chat does not appear, it is completely normal because it is still in progress. To get more possibilities, you can keep your app up to date, switch to the beta version of WhatsApp, or ultimately just wait as it could arrive at any time. WABetaInfo mentions that Android and iOS users can start receiving this official WhatsApp chat.

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