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Santiago de Cuba. The linguistic sciences constitute an insurmountable space in defending culture and identity in these times of social and virtual networks.

This is confirmed by the sessions of the 50th International Symposium of the Center for Applied Linguistics (CLA), which revolves around the cultural dialogue of resistance in the midst of the current health emergency in this city until next Friday, in a wonderful integration. One of the methods is both online and in person.

This is the mark of the new release of the famous event since its inaugural lecture – it’s all a privilege – given by Dr. Guillermo Rojo, Board Member of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language (RAE) and Professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

Under the title of the impact of computing in the contemporary lexicon, the respected scholar shared his vision of how the emergence of computers is reshaping the ways of doing things, beyond the mechanical revolution that he posits.

Guillermo Rojo said that milestones in modern lexicography, such as the use of large texts and electronic dictionaries, have an essential component of computing, and this has even affected the shift from a descriptive approach to a descriptive approach in this discipline.

The famous professor, an expert in Spanish grammar and body linguistics, meant that today computing is present in all stages of dictionaries-making. Talk about user-oriented dictionaries and weigh the advantages of electronic dictionaries over printed dictionaries, as they allow preset hierarchies to be enforced.

In this issue, the roundtable titled Vitelio Ruiz Hernández: A Life Dedicated to Pedagogy and Linguistic Sciences, was presented a passionate tribute to the Academy of Merit and Action Hero in the Republic of Cuba, who on April 28 would have turned 93 years old. Ruiz and Dr. Eloína Miyares Bermúdez, his life partner and passion for work, have left a prolific scholarly production oriented towards teaching and social application, recognized by both Cuban and foreign scholars.

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In keeping with its position as a showcase of the latest trends in linguistic disciplines, the symposium will host a presentation of scholarly papers, conferences, workshops and round tables, including the theses of Dr. Anton Nigault, from the University of Twente, the Netherlands and Sven Tarbes of the University of Aarhus, Denmark via digital platforms.

As emotional moment for the date the book will be presented Dreams and Realities: 50 Years of the Center for Applied Linguistics (1971-2021), Which is a compilation of the fruitful footprint of that institution from Santiago.

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