“Lewis 44” a letter to Hamilton on the clothes of political prisoners in Bahrain

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Lewis Hamilton He is one of the best Formula 1 drivers ever. His seven titles prove it. But also his talent on the track, comparable to his talent in legends such as Michael SchumacherAnd the Ayrton Sina or Fernando Alonso. However, the Briton was not only recognized in his career for his sporting achievements. It was also due to her political participation and social struggles.

These focused mainly on the fight against racism and integration into society and the dynamic world of blacks. However, it wasn’t his only arenas. Hamilton also explored other avenues such as being a spokesperson for political prisoners in some countries who have been criticized for their lack of democracy which has been used Formula 1 to clean your photo.

One such country is Bahrain, where the “Great Circus” will make its debut this weekend in what promises to be an exciting season. However, Hamilton has other projects in addition to starting to restore the title in the layout Sakhir It is to support prisoners like Ali Al Hajji. This Bahraini government guest sent a letter of thanks to the British explaining how he became an inspiration to him and several of his colleagues.

The message that was published by the media guardian, speaks of Hamilton as the “champion” of all those who now follow him and who, thanks to him, see very well that Formula 1 is treading on their own soil if they are allowed to give a vision of their unfair situation. asked Louis Liberty Medium Until now FIA that if they wanted to visit certain types of countries such as Bahrain, Arab Emirates or Kingdom Saudi ArabiaThey also had to take responsibility for the lack of freedom found in these places and work for the restoration of democracy.

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Lewis Hamilton at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

James Gasperotti / ZUMA Press Wire / DPA

All with “44”

The number 44 is the one that Lewis adopted for his car and also for his personal brand. In fact, the team he owns in competition Extreme-E Which seeks to preserve the environment through environmental competitions, called X44. Now, this figure has been adopted by a group of prisoners who see the English as their natural leader. Someone who has had a misfortune.

On Monday, prisoner Ali Al-Hajji wrote a shocking letter to Hamilton explaining the changes his intervention had brought about. Political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in prison Gorgeous They were opposed to the arrival of Formula 1 in the country. However, when they learned of the hero’s intentions seven times, they prostrated themselves before his leadership and humanity and completely changed their speech.

In the past year, several political prisoners wrote to Hamilton asking for his intercession and he responded by upholding their cases, not only with words, but also with deeds. He urged Formula 1 to use its power to improve the conditions of these people, in addition to petitioning for the release of as many political prisoners as possible.

In his project, Hamilton relied on Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy. “For us, you are our hero. Not only the best pilot, but also a human being who cares about the suffering of others. To reflect our support for you, a new phenomenon has spread in the prison. The prisoners began to write or draw “Sir 44” or “Louis 44” in their clothes. We wore it as a sign of support while we were watching the race.” This is how this group of prisoners tried to thank the solidarity shown by the runner. mercedes.

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In the case of Ali Al-Hajji, he was tortured during his interrogation and sentenced to 10 years in prison for organizing peaceful protests in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. “Prisoners see you not only as a world champion, but as a defender of human rights. My other cellmates and I wish you well in your career in Bahrain. Please remember that you have supporters in prison who will follow and encourage you in all your races.”

Lewis Hamilton kneels on the podium at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton kneels on the podium at the Hungarian Grand Prix.


The protests are going on

Despite Hamilton’s work causing the “Great Circus” to reach countries like Bahrain better, there is still plenty of ground to cover. Bahrain has just signed the longest contract in Formula 1 history. An extension of its presence on the calendar for 15 years, until the 2036 season.

For this reason, many social groups are asking the FIA ​​and Liberty Media to use this contract to achieve more positive measures regarding human rights and freedom for citizens. The Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy has asked F1 to help conduct an investigation into the Grand Prix’s impact on human rights abuses.

Besides, they also demanded that his platform and influence in Bahrain be used to ensure that the victims of these violations are rescued. The ‘bird’ He emphasized that the government intensified its repression during 2021 and “continued its violent campaign of persecution against political opponents and intensified the persecution of children”.

These messages were not only sent to Hamilton or Formula 1 as an organization, but were also addressed to personalities like Sebastian VettelAnd the Max VerstappenAnd the George Russell or Lando Norris. They exemplify the union they each showed to condemn the invasion Russia On Ukraine They are calling for something similar to denounce rights abuses by the Saudi-led coalition, which includes Bahrain and the UAE. Also, many of their crimes occur as a result of the military campaign they have undertaken over the past seven years against it To whomsomething that has been denounced even before United nations.

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A coalition of groups that advocate for the preservation of human rights touched upon Formula 1, also expressing the wish that the sport’s top leaders take action in this regard. This writing joins the writing of Parliament United kingdom For the FIA ​​this conveys its concern about the situation in Bahrain, and demands that the board of directors take responsibility for the impact of this grand prix in the country.

For its part, the Bahrain government has defended itself through one of its spokespersons: “Bahrain has led human rights reform in the region and to suggest otherwise does not reflect the current reality. Attempting to identify Bahrain in the Formula 1 calendar is absurd, lacks context and completely undermines the tremendous progress and the tremendous leadership that it has made. Bahrain has shown it in this field.Bahrain welcomes and actively supports the role that Formula 1 can play in highlighting human rights issues in every country in which it operates, now and in the future.

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