Roman Reigns, One God Dictator in WWE

hThere are people who find it difficult to accept the dictatorship of one God. There are those who believe in comfort, and deny the existence of ambrosia as a drink that grants immortality to the Supreme Being, and that is what is happening today in WWE gentlemen. With Roman Reigns at the top of the evolutionary pyramid, hopes for survival are dashed. Farewell to any possibility of climbing the ladder and succeeding in your future ventures, but does WWE know where to go with talent reigning with an iron hand and a 600-day streak as a champion?

WWE Urboros

For those unfamiliar with this tail-biting serpentine symbol, urboros represent all virtues to the point of futility. All this for nothing, discouraging the desire to achieve everything and having to start over. At the age of 36, Roman Reigns is the embodiment of a concept that has been used throughout 3000 years of history by cultures as diverse as the Egyptian, Greek and even the North.

When we thought he had it all in WWE, Reigns retired due to much of the pandemic as a precaution to beat leukemia in 2019 and returned at SummerSlam 2020 to establish himself as a beacon to this generation of fighters. Since then, and more specifically since August 28, 2020, he surprisingly teamed up with Paul Heyman on the SmackDown show, we’ve seen countless growth to a superstar who has excelled and will continue to define an era and that over time over the years. He’ll see how he’s sitting at the table of Hulk Hogan, The Rock, or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

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Systematically breaking up family members like Jimmy Uso as well as Hall of Famers like Edge and Goldberg, Roman Reigns has reached WrestleMania 38 to establish himself as the undisputed world champion by uniting the Raw and SmackDown titles in the match. From Summer 2020 so far, no one has coughed him, Lance Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre, John Cena, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, and those mentioned above. Paraphrasing CM Punk, he was formed as “the needle mover” or “the one who moves the threads”, accusing those who saw him of being the “next big thing” at the start of 2021.

Sure enough, his change of position and, once again, his alliance with Heyman helped establish his new, and finally, now hated position, with compelling reason. From being the one who controls the leads and gets everything he wants in company, Roman Reigns becomes the one in “God Mode” from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed. That’s how he’s now recognized in the company, with T-shirts and promotional videos and all kinds of gadgets around him, and that’s exactly now when we think completely about the concept of urboros, what’s next for Roman Reigns? What credibility left opponent? In the main cast in WWE? If next on the list, as it seems according to what was seen last week on SmackDown, is Nakamura, well, the first thing that comes to mind is that it will be a transitional rivalry until the next big Roman rivalry Reigns. We can hardly believe that Shinsuke, who comes from the “comic side” of the actors, would end Roman Reigns’ furry-clad tyranny and glory.

WWE’s problem with Roman Reigns

When something like that happens, when it comes out of nowhere or when a talent like it explodes in our face, we can only celebrate that we are witnesses to something that happens once every 30 or 40 years, but with time we will love you, and you realize that what has become a blessing turns into Big problem if the creators and the company itself in general are not up to it. Inevitably, the moment will come when Reigns loses and that moment has to be against someone as special as him, but who? Is there anyone in WWE today that lives up to it? Is there anyone who can be in a “God Mode” and say things to your face? The answer is a sharp and succinct “no.”

For something like this to happen it takes time, Reigns himself needed a few years to be in place, and time is exactly what they don’t have right now. Think about it, if we wait a few years to build a credible contender to take down Reigns, who is going to face Reigns that long? The important competitors are over, will we face Goldberg again in Arabia to make money, or will we face Lesnar in the fourth part that will make no sense? Let’s be honest, Cody Rhodes is back in WWE and fans are dying for him to become a champion, but after the return of The Prodigal Son, Rhodes isn’t quite up to the monster he became.

the rock? There are those who stick to the straw to see The Rock face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, which also takes place in Hollywood in April 2023 and yes, it will certainly be an intriguing rivalry to see, but destined only to continue fattening the legend, already deified by Reigns. The Rock could return in one last fight against his cousin at WrestleMania 39 just as Steve Austin did this year at WrestleMania 38 after 19 years of inactivity but he won’t take the championship because we know his commitments as an actor and successful businessman (and there are even those who say that as a potential candidate) post-US Presidency) they weigh in on a lot more than a part-time return to WWE. This will not happen. Anyway, while WWE finds the Coca Cola formula so Roman Reigns doesn’t run out of gas, the dictatorship of one god is what there is… like it or not.

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