Leticia Alvarez, of the Mothers Seekers of Sonora collection, has been found alive

At dawn on Sunday, armed men were deprived of her freedom Leticia Alvarez, a member of the Madres Poscadoras de Sonora group, whose group reported her release hours later.

The group indicated that they had been informed by phone of the release of Leticia alive, which they are already treating.

The group reported on social networking sites that the disappearance of Leticia, who is looking for her husband, Julian Francisco Castillo Felix, and her son, Alec Alfredo Ross Alvarez, who disappeared a year ago, occurred shortly after midnight, and demanded Governor Alfonso Durazo. And the government of Hermosillo their search.

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On July 15, it was reported that another member of the Madres Buscadoras de Sonora collective had been murdered. Aranza Ramos She was deprived of life in the municipality of Guémas.

She joined the group to search for her husband, Brian Omar Celaya, who has been missing since December 2020.

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