Legislative Library – Prensa Latina

It is its oldest text and is part of the Camarita collection, consisting of about 600 volumes of high historical value.

They are original documents, manuscripts, copies unique in the country, first printings, etc., which mostly correspond to publications of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries; In antique and fine bindings (leather, wood, parchment, etc.).

Original copies of the Declaration of Independence (1825) and the First Constitution (1930) are under her protection, and are on display in the Lost Steps Hall of the Legislative Palace, guarded by soldiers from the Florida Regiment, dressed in period uniform.

The collection consists of about 250,000 volumes of bibliographic works, about 700,000 newspapers and weekly magazines, tens of thousands of general magazines from 1835 to the present, and about 1,300 microfilms, the head of library services, Monica, told Orbi Al Salam.

Its imposing central hall is decorated in the Pompeian style, and its solid floors, ceilings, shelves, enclosures, balconies and interior staircases are all made in Milan, Italy.

In the center of the room is a model by Italian sculptor AngelZanelli, who was the winner of the competition for a monument to General José Gervasio Artigas, whose equestrian statue stands in Montevideo’s Independence Square.

On the one hand, a replica of the Venus de Milo seems to guard the shelves filled with books and fragments of global and national history and culture, which are gradually being replicated on another medium, in the age of digitalization.

(Taken from Orb)

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