A surprise ranking of the three richest countries in the world

More than 1% of the world’s population are millionaires, according to the latest report published by the global rankings. These people have Net worth per person is more than 900,000 euros. This report also mentioned that 15% of the rich reside in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Kuwait, according to statistics Economic.

almost 56 million people Of the approximately 8 billion people living on Earth, they consider themselves millionaires, the same number of people who reside in Italy.

Switzerland tops the list of countries where the richest people in the world live, as more than 10% of its population owns wealth. more than a million dollars, According to data published by Credit Suisse dating back to the year 2020, some of them are also considered millionaires.

The country known for its neutrality can claim to be home to ten of the world’s 500 greatest wealth. Moreover, an ordinary person In this nation, the per capita income is 90 thousand euros.

The three countries that have the richest

Switzerland may not come as a surprise, but neither do the regions it follows Such as Hong Kong in the Chinese region and Kuwait in the Middle Eastern country.

Hong Kong, which won the silver medal, has an estimated 10,000 people within its borders. With assets of approximately 30 million eurosthose who are considered billionaires.

He follows Kuwait is in third place Due to its economic growth thanks to oil reserves within the region. This country is located within the group of countries that are part of the Middle East region, and surpasses them in terms of its wealthy population, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or the United Arab Emirates.

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The United States is also part of this ranking and ranks as the fourth country with the highest number of millionaires. The rules of this list eliminate it in the first place, as this would not be the case if they counted the number of people without the relationship to the number of population in each nation. Thus the North American country With 22 million rich people, it would surpass SwitzerlandBut for the United States this means only a little more than 6% of its total population.


The ranking changes when it comes to billionaires, with Hong Kong picking up the baton First place as the country with the largest number of billionaires in the world. It is followed by the United States, India, Germany and the United Kingdom, making up the top five. However, Switzerland fell to sixth place, according to data published by analytics portal Statista.com.


Forbes’ long-awaited list also shows who has the most money. American Elon Musk, owner of the social networking site From the car company Tesla, he is the richest person in the world, with his net worth estimated at more than 200 thousand million euros. He is very far from Jeff Bezos, who came to occupy first place, and today his wealth is estimated at more than that. More than 170,000 million euros.

French businessman Bernard Arnault, founder of LVMHthe largest luxury conglomerate that includes Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Bulgari and others, is in third place and is home to a fortune of 158 billion euros.

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Within these top 5, there are Bill Gates has a fortune estimated at approximately 130 billion eurosAnd American investor Warren Buffett with 118 thousand million euros.

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