Legal complaints against mining company Grupo México are ongoing

Members of the legal team of the National Confederation of Mine, Metallurgical, Steel and Similar Workers of the Republic of Mexico and the Head of Section 201 of Sombreret, Zacatecas, made the submission.

In a press release, they warned that the United States values ​​the trade link with Mexico and hopes to resolve this issue in a way that preserves the rights of the workers at the San Martin mine, who have been on strike for 16 years.

They maintain that there is sufficient evidence that Grupo México, led by German Larrea, has systematically violated it.

The Action Mechanism for Rapid Response (MLRR) should be the impetus for resolving historic disputes in Canaña, Sonora, Taxco and Guerrero, which will also celebrate 16 years since the strike and where the Laria Workers’ Union’s abuses were similar or worse, keep.

The document requesting that the United States investigate the alleged violation of the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining of workers at the San Martín mine has already been delivered to Mexico’s Secretariat of Economics, Labor and Welfare.

Naher Velasco, the legal coordinator of the union organization headed by Senator Napoleon Gomez Urrutia, also told the company.

Respecting the union’s status as an exclusive representative in collective bargaining and its right to strike are critical components of Mexico’s labor reform, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Affairs Thea Lee said in the labor complaint.

Although this only refers to the Sombrerete mine, from the point of view of procedural economics and for the sake of justice, the three cases, including Cananea and Taxco, must be resolved where their right to strike is safe, recognized by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN). ).

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It’s the same case, the same boss, which is Grupo México, and the same violations of the collective agreement, confirmed Oscar Alzaga, also a lawyer for the mining union.

Failing this, the Mexican government announced that two more petitions would be filed to activate the T-MEC MLRR each, Canaña and Taxco, where miners went on strike on July 30, 2007.

Considering that by resolving the labor dispute in Sombrerite, “there have been many years of suffering, waiting for such long overdue justice, we hope that we will soon resume our source of employment,” said Núñez Velázquez, who considered that by resolving the labor dispute in Sombrete. Impact for both Taxco and Cananea”.

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