[VÍDEO] Day 13 of COP 28: “Progress is being made in implementing the Paris Agreement”

now yes, Conference of the Parties 28 He has come to an end. He did this with A Global balance Which, for the first time in three decades of climate summits, explicitly mentions fossil fuels. “There are aspects that could become historic, but the consensus leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the ambition required,” says colleague Tice Gadea Lara.

The text does not use the terminology requested by some countries, specialists and organizations: Finally, The concept appears Move away Which, according to Gadea Lara, who asked for help translating it, means something like “moving away from fossil fuels in energy systems.” The phrase, for some parties, a result mysterious.

Most countries agree that this term does not have the same force in terms of implementation as get rid of (phasing out) which was under consideration until the last day during the negotiations. also The other signs have disappeared Such as banning the construction of new coal plants despite its presence in the previous project.

a group of Island states It was the most important. These countries, the most affected by the climate crisis, denounced the absence of their representatives at the closing plenary session when Al Jaber, the President of this Conference of the Parties, banged the gavel announcing the consensus. “This process has failed us“, lamented Samoa’s Anne Rasmussen during her speech. The speaker noted that global balancing, although an important step, “still does not guarantee the necessary course correction.”

This top ends with a bittersweet aftertaste. Hopes were not high for the version held in an oil country, but progress has been made. “It’s not a failure,” Jadia Lara says. “After the Paris Agreement, this is moving forward with implementation. There are good aspects. The important thing is that the words are later translated into real actions“.

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You can hear more details about the agreement in his latest video from Dubai. This time is longer than usual, but the occasion deserves to address the topic in more depth.

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