The Spotify chief takes action against the Dukes of Sussex

after Spotify announces the termination of the contract concluded with Dukes of Sussex To produce a podcast, the head of the internet platform has accused the couple, consisting of Harry and Meghan, of “scammers”.

“Fucking crooks. This is the podcast we should have launched with them,” Simmons, head of podcast innovation and monetization at Spotify, said in a podcast after scrapping a deal. $20 million held by the company with the spouses.

US media reports that Harry and Meghan did not meet the productivity expectations required by Spotify.

Spotify’s deal with the Sussexes signed in 2020 has only produced 13 years of programming in two and a half years: dozens of episodes of podcasts’modelsFrom Megan, a special holiday.

However, Simmons went further. “I have to drink one night and tell a Zoom story I got with Harry to try and help him with the podcast idea. It’s one of my best stories,” he said.

“I wish I had been involved in the ‘Meghan and Harry leaving Spotify’ negotiations. This is a podcast we should have done with them.”

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Page Six said Meghan and Harry “appear lazy and difficult”.

Megan will be working on a different podcast, but for now It is not known what it is.

According to Page Six, the end of the agreement with Spotify is putting more stress on the duchesses’ finances.

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“They are not spoiled, but they should continue to spend their money, rather than deposit it,” a source told the newspaper.

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Plus the mortgage on the home they live in in Montecito, California – is the estimated cost of the property $14.7 million-, there’s the lifestyle they live, and the costs of Harry’s legal battles in the UK.

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