UNCUYO will have the first open science exhibition and public communication of science

Within the framework of the conclusion of the Science Month, which consisted of many activities throughout the month of October, this initiative arrives that proposes to highlight the current scientific work of the research teams of UNCUYO working to develop… Open scientific proposals as well as public communication about them.

The day will consist of primarily two parts, Starting at 9:30, a series of conferences will be held, presented by those responsible for projects related to the topic. All of them will be inside the central cylinder.

the next, From 11:00 to 13:00, in the CiICUNC hall, those interested will be able to learn about different initiatives for open science and public scientific communication, with different tables specialized in the development of free applied scientific knowledge.. Robotics tables, archeology and topography tables, and agro-ecological laboratory tables are some of the current initiatives, where the visiting public will be able to interact with the researchers and find out what is going on.

Representatives of international networks will also be present. regoshSpecializing in connecting Latin American institutions to work on free and open science, entrepreneurship and education. also Reproduction, The network aims to enhance institutions’ access to reagents for research and diagnostics, through their low-cost production, with which UNCUYO entered into an agreement in 2022 to implement a sustainable repository of open-access enzymes.

The activity is free and without any fees. This is a collaborative effort undertaken by the Secretariat of International Research and Postgraduate Studies with research teams from the College of Exact and Natural Sciences, the College of Philosophy and Arts, the College of Agricultural Sciences, the College of Political and Social Sciences, and the College of Engineering and faculty members. Medical Sciences.

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Oral offers

9:30: “Institutional Commitment to Open Science” Dr. Maria Teresa Damiani.

9:45: “Community Science: Experiences from the Agroecology Laboratory” by Dr. Fernando Castro.

10:00: CIIA: “Open Industrial Technology: Collective Development and National Industrialization of the Argentine Intelligent Computer”. Dr. Antonella Ezoglio.

10:15: “REGOSH (Region for Open Scientific Instruments): Regosh Ambassador at UNCUYO” Dr. Pablo Cremades.

10:30: “RECLONE (Al-Kashif Collaboration Network): UNCUYO as a hub for Latin America” Dr. Romina Rossi.

10:45: “Free Technology for Education and Research” Dr. Fernan Federici.

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