Britain awards 30 scholarships to study in the United Kingdom

To date, more than 348 young people have been awarded El Británico scholarships since the program began in 1999 at the national level.

Britanico is a leading English language teaching organisation, having awarded 30 young students the UK Academic Excellence Scholarship, which has been running since 1999 and has benefited 348 young Peruvians to date.

This experience also allows beneficiaries to learn more about British culture, improve their language skills, and face challenges that will allow them to grow professionally and personally. Likewise, they will have the opportunity to explore London and visit museums and famous places in the city.


Likewise, these scholarships include round-trip tickets, accommodation, a suitcase, and continuing to improve your English through a full immersion program at the prestigious International House. Thus, these thirty young people will be able to enjoy this experience, thanks to their perseverance, commitment and outstanding mastery of the language.

“At Britanco, we believe in academic excellence and comprehensive training for our students. The scholarships we have offered to study in London represent our commitment to providing our best students with a unique experience to enhance their language learning and experience of British culture,” says Alonso Bedoya, Director of Corporate Development at Britanco.

Who can access the BRITÁNICO Excellence Scholarship programme?

All students who meet the following requirements are awarded a scholarship to travel to the UK:

You must have studied at least 24 courses in the British language during the last 4 and a half years.

Obtaining the highest grade of A in the international exams B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Priviency.

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