Another Xbox game could be improving on PS5 very soon: they are liquidating a native version of Minecraft for Sony's console

Maine CraftThe success of Mojang – the studio acquired by Microsoft – Creates an original copy for PlayStation 5. This was stated by several sources, such as the user the_andshrew On Reddit and the account PlayStation game size On X (Twitter) who found movements on PlayStation servers.

Maine Craft In its PlayStation 4 version, it is logically compatible with PlayStation 5, so the studio has not needed to release specific versions for current consoles yet. However, last year the Xbox version was modified to allow 4K resolution, which… It cannot be obtained on PlayStation through backward compatibility.

Last year, the original Minecraft for Xbox Series These were record recordings made in different markets.

We'll see a version with Ray tracing?

Mojang is supposed to take advantage of many of the features of the current generation in terms of resolution, fast loading, and effects Ray tracing And in the case of the PS5, the DualSense works. The study has referred to the latter on several occasions, since 2020, and in 2021 Code included for Ray tracing In a release for Xbox Insidersbut was withdrawn shortly after: “This prototype has been removed from preview and does not indicate plans to bring Ray tracing Coming to consoles in the near future,” it was said at the time.

The original Minecraft for PS5
byu/the_andshrew inGame leaks and rumours

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