How to organise an outdoor event

With coronavirus restrictions easing, many aspects of our everyday lives are returning to normality. Social distancing rules no longer apply, pubs and restaurants are open again and outdoor events are back up and running.

So, what better way to celebrate than with organising one of your own? Whether it be a festival, an exhibition or a convention of some kind, getting people together to revel in a shared experience is something we should never take for granted again.

But what do you need to think about when setting up your event?

Prepare for the weather

Unfortunately, the famously fickle British weather can soon turn any outdoor event into a mud bath. However, you can take measures to guard against the elements with some careful planning. You can even check out climate averages on the Met Office website to try and figure out which are historically the driest times of the year in your location. You can also ensure that large areas of your event are covered and that walkways are put down to guard against the ground getting too churned up in the event of heavy rainfall.

Set aside space for parking

If your event is being held in a rural location, the likelihood is that the majority of visitors are going to drive. That means you’ll need to provide parking in a place that’s a short walk from your site. You may need to speak to local landowners to gain their permission, and it’s recommended to hire stewards to manage the flow of cars coming in and out.

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Think about health and safety

As the event organiser, you will be ultimately responsible for protecting the health and safety of all visitors and workers. This includes things like providing enough toilet facilities, ensuring there is adequate fire safety equipment on site and keeping any wires or cables neatly organised so that they do not pose a trip hazard. You should also bring in safety barriers to guide attendees around the site as well as keep them away from any restricted areas.

Plan for your food and drink providers

Whether your event is an evening or an all-day affair, it’s likely that you’ll be providing food and drink to your guests. If that is the case, you need to think about where you want to position your vendors – perhaps all together so that people don’t have to traipse from one side of the site to the other to see what their options are. You’ll also need to think about providing enough power, water and refrigeration facilities to your caterers, and if you manage all that then you’ll be well set to host a memorable event!

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