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The world of science, as it is called, has been defined as an activity reserved for exclusive people. This misconception has led to a general lack of interest on the part of students at all levels. Except, of course, for those who decide to enter that world full of constant surprises and fundamental challenges to the continuity of life on this planet.

It is necessary to maintain incentive programs so that the population, from an early age, becomes interested in venturing into this and other areas of knowledge generation. Moreover, not only the educated population, but also those who have not had the opportunity to devote themselves to science, but, through their daily practices, continue to apply technologies to improve productive areas, from agriculture to steel and manufacturing. Preserving food, building antiques of various kinds, including space ones.

We cannot forget that science and disease prevention have achieved great successes that have saved the lives of millions. Science can be practiced by anyone. Although it is appropriate to make the following remark: those who do this must be very honest, humane and free people, because the goals and objectives pursued must take into account the interest of the population and not be subordinated to the suspicious and dark interests of those who, sometimes, pay millions for a product Very profitable.

There are countless tasks and goals to achieve. We urgently need to apply all possible techniques to restore our habitat. But also an outstanding issue is saving the world of science itself, which we must move away from the enormous profit it has become in most cases.

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We have a right to know. The endless marketing and speculation generated by multi-million dollar companies is what they have turned into: a science of consumerism.

Even now, there is a widespread idea that life in the world of science must be extremely sacrificial and exhausting (short of losing the flawless white coat every day). It is believed that the above is the quota to gain the recognition and budget needed and required from large companies.

Of the projects that are presented at the beginning of each session, whether in universities, institutes, or government agencies, those that are compatible with the interests of major companies will be successful.

For example, the dilemma faced by business leaders is whether to obtain greater profits or save lives; Obtaining positive results in the short term but with lower profits, or being deceived by half-measures and long-term and expensive painkillers.

As a result of the above, we consider that the way in which María Elena Álvarez-Buela Roces, Doctor of Sciences, graduate of UNAM and other foreign universities, argued the reason for her resignation from the Mexican Academy of Sciences, was generous and precise. Science (AMC).

As a scientist, with extensive and distinguished theoretical works and achievements in the field of genetics and evolutionary ecology of development, she has been recognized as a global leader.

For many years, there have been multiple requests from professionals in the social sciences and humanities to include scientific research projects in these fields. Dr. Alvarez-Buela succeeded in integrating them into the scientific world, because they are disciplines of great importance and benefit.

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Thanks to the tireless efforts and actions of the fellow director of the current National Council for the Humanities, Sciences and Technology (Conahcyt), the panorama of Mexican science will be broader and progress in the country will be, as we need it, more autonomous and autonomous. Sovereign, with greater tools for national and international solidarity, where science must be shared and not hidden.

The history of science in Mexico is very broad and fruitful. We have a great legacy of numerous stories of men and women who have put their lives at the service of acquiring knowledge.

Through the published complaint, on the occasion of his resignation from the AMC, Álvarez Buela defended the position of many of us who considered ourselves members of the Scientific Union and whose projects were a cause of repression and dismissal.

The doctor and current director-general of Conahcyt said her resignation was due to the fact that the AMC is a private organization “taken over by conservative power groups who have used the said institution to attack the current government for the purpose of defending certain interests.” “Under the pretext of promoting science and giving priority to the public interest.”

Thank you very much, Dr. María Elena Alvarez-Puela Roces. Justice takes time but it arrives. We congratulate ourselves for confronting the nefarious group of highly paid pseudoscientists.

We express our solidarity and condolences to the family of dear Carmelita Gomez, the great noble comrade, courageous, determined and tireless left-wing revolutionary fighter. He fought until the end of his days to liberate our country from the bad PRI government, which caused us so much suffering. Good luck, Carmelita, wherever you go.

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