UACH will offer Bachelor of Medicine for next semester – El Heraldo de Juárez

The young men from Juarez will have another option to take Bachelor's degree in MedicineBecause the educational offer at the Autonomous University of Chihuahua will increase during the next semester.

It will be in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, on these borders, where this new degree will be taught.

University's president Autonomous University of Chihuahua (ouch), Luis Alfonso Rivera Camposconfirmed that he will start next semester at the Ciudad Juarez campus, where his medical degree will be offered.

Rivera Campos invites those interested to pay attention to the release of forms for the August-December 2024 semester, so that they can order their registration form for this degree.

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“In the following weeks UACH will provide entry forms“The medical profession will now be available in Ciudad Juarez for the first time.”

It is planned to start with Two groups of 35 peopleThe lessons will be on the campus of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences located in the ring area surrounding Bronav.

Changes to be made to adapt the facilities to the needs of students of this new degree will be forthcoming.

He added: “We will work to establish a multi-purpose laboratory on campus, as it is essential for the medical profession.”

Interested applicants are urged to take UACH as an option to study this degree in the next release of forms.

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