La Jornada – We hardly know the tip of the iceberg and it’s women’s soccer: Itzel González

Mexican national team Itzel Gonzalez, who plays for Seville, said the potential we know about women’s football is still minimal, and noted the importance of having guarantees so that footballers can develop as professionals.

“It’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m excited to think about the 2023 World Cup, there will definitely be another bubble Double what happened in 2019, where many ideas were broken like the category was not selling or not interested,” Gonzalez said in an interview.

Exactly four years ago, the MX Women’s League was in its infancy, and although Gonzalez had already played in the collegiate leagues in the United States and at that time was part of the Zulas club, promoted by Marbella Ibarra, she was not considered After in the national team. .

Etzel’s development as a goalkeeper was notorious, and only in February did she become one of the first Mexicans to make it into Spanish football, when she signed with Sevilla.

“Five years ago I wasn’t on the national team’s radar, but the league gave me the vision and that’s what allowed me to get to Spain,” he said.

The competition in Seville was tough, and although Gonzalez had a few minutes at the moment on the pitch, it was enough to stand out, as in the Copa de la Reina Round of 16 where he played a key role for his team. Defeat Athletic Club.

“The level of competition is very high. But being in Spain represents open spaces for many players, no limits should be set. You have to realize that the Mx League is young and it is positive that the players seek to grow inside the country or abroad.”

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Besides football, one of the aspects that distinguished the Spanish women’s league was the collective agreement signed in 2020, in which a minimum wage for female players was approved.

Gonzalez is aware of the complexities faced by women’s football and considers it important to have collective agreements or contracts that “ensure the players to do our work with all necessary measures”.

The tricolor goalkeeper will be on loan with Sevilla at least until the end of this season. Just a few days ago, Monica Vergara called her up to face Anguilla and Puerto Rico at the last date of the Concacaf W qualifiers for the 2023 World Cup, however, the player was absent after she tested positive for covid-19.

Meanwhile, Atlas crushed Queretaro 3-1 in a pending duel in Round 10 of the Women’s League. Adriana Iturbide scored a hat-trick (36, 44 and 58) for Guadalajara to reach 23 units and remain in sixth place, while the team led by Carla Rossi occupies tenth place with 14 points.

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