La Jornada – UAM investigates the physical and mental health of his community

Mexico City. In order to make the best decisions when faced with the need to return to face-to-face activities and academic and social interaction, UAM conducts a survey to find out the state of physical and mental health of its community.

The General President of this Study House, Eduardo Peñalosa, invited university students to answer the hypothetical questionnaire in addition to allowing the collection of anthropometric data such as weight, height, and body mass index, among others – which will be conducted personally -, and to conduct an antibody test for Covid-19, “It is free of charge and works under the approved health protocol.”

He explained in a video clip that all data are subject to controls and guarantees by the scientific committee, outside the authorities, and its purpose is a statistical estimate that allows knowledge and reduction of risks.

He added that the personal interest “ends with handing over a card with specific information to support his health and the necessary data to avoid transmission of infection between his family and society.”

For its part, the Independent Workers’ Union of Workers Union (Setoam) stressed that vaccinating the academic and administrative staff will not guarantee a safe return to the classroom, and called for the inclusion of students.

Situam Secretary-General Jorge Durants assured that they will not return “until the entire university community has been vaccinated and the negotiation process can begin to return to the facilities in person.”

He stated in an interview that if the academic and administrative staff were vaccinated, “and the students were not vaccinated and there is a dangerous situation, the vaccine does not guarantee that we will not be infected.”

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He also indicated that the university did not communicate with the union to discuss the issue of vaccinating individuals, and indicated that there are doubts among the workers about the biological effects and “it does not guarantee treatment.”

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