La Jornada – They ask DH’s respect in solving the case of Conacyt Scholars

Mexico City. The Council of Private Universities and Related Institutions (COPRIA), a special collegiate body of the National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (Anuies), demanded full respect for human rights in its decision on judicial proceedings against former workers of National. The Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt) and the Scientific and Technological Advisory Forum (FCCyT) accused of embezzlement. He expressed confidence in strict adherence to the rule of law.

Within the framework of its 52nd Ordinary Session, Cupria spoke about building an enabling environment for science, technology and innovation to contribute to addressing the country’s problems, “on the basis of dialogue and joint action between institutions of higher education, government authorities, civil society and productive sectors.”

Likewise, he spoke of recognizing the importance of giving preference to federal and state institutions responsible for the promotion of science, particularly with regard to the organizational and operational functions of the Council, as well as the commitment of said bodies and institutions of higher education to accountability. For the use of public resources, transparency, the promotion of common interest and full respect for the law.

He urged Konsett to define a new science, technology and innovation policy “with a long-term vision and to re-establish the dialogue around the necessary modernization of regulations applicable to universities and private higher education institutions, and to promote public debate on the project. • of the public law on the humanities, sciences, technologies and innovation.”

Kupriya also called on all relevant actors to recognize the importance of universities and private institutions of higher education, and their contributions to science, innovation and technological development, and to take measures to benefit from their strength in the system.

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