La Jornada – The Rehabilitation Center was opened in CNAR

The Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Arturo Herrera Gutiérrez, and the Director General of the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sport, Anna Gabriela Guevara, inaugurated the National Center for Physiotherapy and High-Performance Rehabilitation and other areas of the CNAR, which they defined as “historic”, because this space has not been available since The installation created three decades ago.

The project has been implemented with the joint work of SHCP and Conade, by supporting financial stimulus for high-performance sports, to put CNAR’s Medicare for traditional athletes and modified sports at the forefront, said Guevara Espinosa.

“This is a historical thing because since the opening of the National Center for Sports Talent Development and High Performance (CNAR) 15 years ago, there has not been such a space properly, and today we are giving more value not only to medical care, but also to putting ourselves at the forefront,” said the president of Konadi .

Sonoran wrote on her Twitter account: “President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is always keen on our national team’s pass. We are heading steadily to Tokyo. CNAR gives them peace of mind and support to compete with the world. “

When addressing the selected athletes in Tokyo, taekwondo players Maria del Rosario Espinosa, Juan Diego Garcia, sprinter Paula Moran and semi-fondista Tonio Lopez, among others, SHCP president Arturo Herrera, told them that “This is only the first part, a sample of the support we want to have. “We are convinced of the talent of the Mexican athletes, because Anna Guevara and you were proof that when they got the support they did a good job.”

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The rehabilitation center, which seeks to treat and reduce injuries, in addition to raising the physical and competitive performance to the highest level, has specialized services, facilities and equipment such as areas of plastic assessment, nutrition, chiropractic, counseling and recovery (cold-heat), devices, rehabilitation with a full playground With a herb of different materials, gym equipment is suitable for therapy, among other things.

“For the athletes who will compete in Tokyo 2020, this will be an added advantage, and also for our employees, it is very intense, because sometimes they prepare and gain knowledge, but there were no tools to apply it and everything remained in mind,” said Raul Carrillo Rodriguez, Director of Medicine and Applied Sciences. In Conade, “he said.

Likewise, other areas of the ball pavilion and weightlifting gym have opened, which will contain new equipment.

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