La Jornada – Six English clubs in the Superliga Desert; It is celebrated in the United Kingdom

European football’s split suffered its first defeat. A sensitive project that jeopardizes the entire fledgling Premier League project that shook the most powerful organizations on the continent a few days ago: the six English clubs that were formed have given up on the dissident cause. First was Manchester City and the rumor of a final departure from Chelsea, both of which reached the semi-finals Champions That they could be driven out for their rebellion, but at night it became official that they were giving up on the rebellion.

Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham left the Premier League severely injured, mired in an atmosphere of rejection by the world of football and politics. There are still Spaniards Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. The Italians, Juventus, Inter Milan and Milan, and especially the chief of the dissidents, Florentino Perez, who not only confirmed hours earlier that he did not care about anyone leaving, but was also hoping that two other greats would soon join, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern. Munich.

The climate of rejection

The climate of rejection in the UK was overwhelming and put the clubs that will shape the new competition against the wall. From the highest levels of the British government, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that he can make all his efforts to stop the Premier League. They assumed that they were conducting a crusade to defend football as a non-societal phenomenon closely related to the people.

And these people, the fans, came out to protest with real indignation at what they described as an “excessive greed” act by the most powerful teams in the Premier League. His supporters symbolically closed their clubs.

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The British government indicated prior to the teams ’exit:“ The prime minister assured that the government will not stand idly by while a small number of owners are setting up their own small club. ”

The Prime Minister’s press services explained before the English coup: “No action has been excluded and the government is exploring all possibilities, including the legislative option, to ensure that this proposal is abandoned.”

When the Six Molds’ limp became official, the UK authorities celebrated it.

“This is good news; they are on trial,” Culture and Sports Minister Oliver Dowden tweeted: “Everything about the Premier League shows how far the owners are from reality. They have failed to anticipate the reaction of the fans, the players and the country at large. Football is for the fans.”

Despite the desertion, the Premier League ensures it will continue to the front. In a statement, they warned that the English were forced to leave the tournament, and insisted that the change they proposed to European football was necessary and that it represented an opportunity to confront the havoc left by the epidemic.

An unexpected turn

He added, “Despite the announcement of the English clubs’ exit from the competition, which are forced to take such a decision due to the pressures they were exposed to, we are convinced that our proposal is correct. “

According to this, it is known that in the Premier League they are planning to sue the six teams.

This turn in history was unexpected, as the first division appeared to have added its first legal victory at the beginning of Tuesday, after the Spanish judiciary ordered UEFA and FIFA not to place obstacles at the start of the new competition and not to threaten founding clubs. And their managers and their players, with penalties such as being fired from the semifinals coming from Champions Or prevent them from participating in the World Cup.

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The Madrid court’s decision in favor of the First Division came after FIFA president Gianni Infantino backed UEFA and said the founding clubs would bear the consequences. “You’re in or out. You can’t be half and half outside,” Infantino added.

Prior to this development, UEFA incumbent Alexander Ceferin addressed owners of the six Premier League clubs for the stop.

“What matters is that there is still time to change your mind. We all make mistakes.

Ceferin slammed a group of dissident English club owners – made up of the American billionaires, the Middle East royals and a Russian oligarchy – and reprimanded them: “Gentlemen, I made a big mistake.”

When the departure of the English teams was nothing but a rumor, Florentino Perez, the Premier League president, replied that he was not worried that anyone would abandon them.

“The situation is so dangerous that everyone agrees to implement this project and search for a solution,” Florentino said. “No one was under pressure.”

However, Paris Saint-Germain President Nasser Al-Khelaifi asserted that he was opposed to seceding from UEFA and felt that the new competition did not solve the problems everyone faced.

Paris Saint-Germain has a firm conviction that football is a sport for everyone. “We must remember that as a football club, we are a family and a community of our fans, and we must remember that,” Al-Khulaifi said in a statement on the club’s website.

And while Liverpool’s players closed this hectic Tuesday with a message endorsing their commitment to their followers. The Reds, One of the most distinguished clubs between the institution, the fans and its anthem you’ll never Walk Alone They wrote (You’ll Never Walk Alone):

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“We don’t like (the Premier League), we don’t want that to happen. It is our collective position. Our commitment to this club and its supporters is absolute and unconditional.”

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