La Jornada – Asks WTTC not to underestimate world leaders to revitalize tourism

Mexico City. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) stated that at this time, the importance of world leaders to revive this sector cannot be underestimated.

This, at a time when tourism has been one of the economic sectors most affected by the crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and is facing a gradual reactivation of activities.

Virginia Messina, Senior Vice President, said: “With travel and tourism comprising one of the most important sectors in global consumer and business markets, the importance of world leaders coming together to formulate a clear path quickly to safely reopen.

In this sense, the agency acknowledged recent efforts by the administration of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, to reopen international travel through the newly established working groups, which represent the first step toward the recovery of travel from that country with the United Kingdom, the European Union, Canada and Mexico.

He noted that Biden, in his participation in this year’s G7 summit to discuss how to promote a comprehensive global economic recovery, stressed that there is more weight in the travel and tourism sector to conclude these meetings with the general decision to allow cross-border travel. one more time.

“One of the first steps we hope to see as a result of these meetings will be to reopen international travel between countries that have similar successful vaccination applications and low levels of infection, such as the United States and the United Kingdom,” Messina said. .

“It is time to come together to rebuild safely and ultimately achieve economic recovery by bringing back millions of jobs and recognizing the critical role that travel and tourism play in financial and social structures,” he added.

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The WTTC estimates that if commuting and international travel resume in June this year, they will boost global GDP significantly, which this year could increase by 48.5%. Additionally, its contribution could reach roughly the same levels as 2019 in 2022, with a new year-over-year increase of 25.3 percent.

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