Milla Jovovich starring in “Monster Hunter” with Diego Bonita. What’s the matter?

actress Jovovich Mile I met again with the director Paul SW Anderson To give life to a strong and experienced woman in the military. In an interview, Mila said: I was able to draw inspiration from real personalities, especially a woman who was one of the few adventurers in the military in the United States and became a close friend after having all this experience. Mexico Herald.

My character is called Natalie Artemis. He is a captain in the American militia, and he is also a marine scout. She is a woman with a strong personality because she considers herself experienced and has a lot of career, so this role has honest characteristics, Jovovich explained about the main characteristics of her role in the movie Monster Hunter.

Another attraction of the movie is the overall factor of the cast. Mexican Diego Bonita Marshall, a young man who is part of the band led by Artemis, intervenes.

We just love Diego. We always call him Cowbell because he was obsessed with this characterization of Will Ferrell. He always asked us, “Did you see that would draw Saturday Night Live?” The actress remembers being an intelligent, funny, committed and hard-working boy.

Monster Hunter is the theatrical version of the popular Capcom video game, which follows the trend of movies like Mortal Kombat and vampire, Both concepts are with great acceptance at the international box office and share the exact plot line that can be found in a video game.

Meanwhile the director Paul WS Anderson He said: One of my biggest wishes as a director is to always be able to bring Monster Hunter to the big screen. The challenge was very big due to the cutting edge concept, because those who are familiar with the video game know very well what I’m talking about. Unlike previous productions, this job required a job in digital design, because he wanted the monsters to have an appearance that surprised the viewer.

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