Priyanka Chopra doesn’t succumb to royal protocol and is accused of ignoring William and Kate

Last weekend finals Wimbledon And as usual, some celebrities attended, such as Priyanka Chopra and the prince William with his wife Kate Middleton.

After the women’s final was played on Saturday, chopra became a trend in Social media By not complying with Actual protocol while the dukes reached the fence.

In the videos that circulated, the actress was observed sitting in two rows to the back and got distracted during the call. Royal Box The moment they take their seats and they applaud.

wife Nick Jonas it fit him scarf At the time what some netizens saw as ignoring the royal couple.

I completely ignored them. I will do the same if my boyfriend is mistreated “and he must show his loyalty to Megan,” part of the comments appearing on the networks.

Priyanka Chopra wasn’t the only one who ignored protocol

Despite the controversy the model made, she wasn’t the only one who didn’t succumb to English diplomacy, does not belong to United kingdom Not knowing habits.

tennis players Martina Navratilova y Billie Jean KingThey didn’t join in the traditional clapping as they were watching William O Kate.

“Indeed, I can’t believe the lack of morals and education. The Americans sitting near Kate and William didn’t applaud or acknowledge their entry. Two former tennis stars with their wives, King and Navratilova, and Meghan’s girlfriend, Priyanka Chopra,” reads another comment.

priyanka and meghan markle friendship

Meghan Markle, Dukesa de Cambridge كامب He has a nice friendship with the artist from India, After meeting in 2016 during an event magazine He. She.

After that moment, they were seen sharing some of their moments together on social networks.

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Celebrities were also part of the wedding guest list Prince Harry with Meghan.

in 2018, magazine time Name Megan as one of the “The Most Influential People”Ahead of the news, Priyanka mentioned about the article that she would “be a princess for the people” and described her as “a young woman who can connect with her heart and mind in the right place.”

For these reasons, some users assert that masquerading as a file The Dukes of Cambridge This is due to his friendship with Meghan Markle.

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