Puente was awarded Best Investment Banking Firm in Argentina

31 August 2023 – at 15:20

Global Banking & Finance has distinguished itself by strong management of its teams, both locally and globally.

the society Bridge He won the award “Best Investment Banking Firm” In Argentina by the famous British publication Global Banking and Finance Review.

“It is a source of pride for the entire PUENTE team to receive this recognition, which recognizes the professionalism and dedication of each individual to generate tailored opportunities for each client, both locally and globally. Over 100 years, we have achieved steady growth in Latin America, and these distinctions encourage us to continue working to position ourselves as the benchmark for the region.” In the world.highlighted Emilio Ilac, Managing Partner of Puente.

For her part, Wanda Rich, editor-in-chief of the magazine, said: “PUENTE and its teams’ commitment to innovation, strategic planning and transformative practices sets them apart regionally and captures the essence of the evolution of the global financial community.”

In June, the magazine honored Puente with the award “Best Private Banking Company”. In both cases, the entity participated in it The role of the mediator in the markets.

Puente serves more than 35,000 customers People, companies, institutions and governments – from all over the world. he have Its holding company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and its subsidiaries are in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama and the United States.

The company has opened two new offices in the region – in Miami and Punta del Este – in recent years, and has announced the opening of a branch in Spain during 2023.

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