Kevin Spacey ‘voluntarily’ appears in the UK on four counts of sexual assault

Actor Kevin Spacey, 62, will appear in court again, now in the UK, on ​​four charges of sexual assault brought against him last week. Spacey made a statement to Good Morning America saying he was “confident” he could prove his innocence.

“I greatly appreciate the statement from CPS in which they carefully reminded the media and the public that I deserve a fair trial and his innocence until proven otherwise,” he said. While I am disappointed in your decision to move forward, I will volunteer in the UK As soon as this can be arranged I will defend myself against these accusations which I am sure will prove my innocence.”

The Oscar winner has been charged with four counts of sexual assault They include three men in the UK, including “one count of making a person engage in penetrative sexual activity without their consent”, according to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Kevin Spacey was the artistic director of London’s Old Vic Theatre between 2003 and 2015. In November 2017, the famous company said it had received 20 complaints of inappropriate behavior against the star after an investigation.

In the meantime, the British government is preparing an official request that it will send to the United States for Actor Kevin Spacey extradition request. The source explained to Europapress news agency, of course, that the process would be activated if the representative did not agree to travel to the UK voluntarily to be prosecuted. If he doesn’t, the Home Office’s International Crime Directorate will request his extradition so he can be arrested in the US and extradited to the UK.

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If extradition becomes necessary, the process can take months because the US Department of Justice must decide if there is a “probable cause” of the crime. Then, an arrest warrant will be issued and a process begins that can be appealed in any case, and this would also limit the crimes he could be accused of.

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