A live snake was found in the UK in a package that came from India

The workers at the English Animal Hospital can’t help but be surprised by Receive a call from a local construction company. This work informed the Foundation of the discovery of a snake in a parcel sent from India.

“Recognize the size of a saw rattlesnake […] We fully understand gravity How dangerous are these reptilesSouth Essex Wildlife Hospital wrote in a Twitter message. In fact, specimens of this species are ‘very high’ at the top of the few deadly snakes.

Sawscale snakes It inhabits arid regions and dry savannas From northern Ecuador, Africa, Arabia and southwest Asia to India and Sri Lanka. Sensing danger, they begin to move slowly, wrapping their bodies in S-shaped folds and rubbing their scales to emit a kind of hissing.

The animal was aggressive

Su Shuar, founder of the hospital, told CNN that the people who They find the snake feel lucky. According to the expert, “Being a reptile has probably been in a container for several weeks […] It must be very cold.”

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They were very lucky, because reptiles need to warm up to be active, he explained. “At that point he was probably very docile, although the horse did get a little aggressive when the team came to pick him up.” The hospital experts had to take the animal away Before he attacks anyone.The alerted authorities did not reach the local construction company.

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Fortunately, the staff They managed to put the crawler in a closed boxThey closed the room he was in with duct tape and warning signs, waiting for a specialized animal capture center. On Twitter, South Essex Wildlife Hospital celebrates “not having to deal with venomous creatures often” but is saddened by “the inability to bring the snake home.”

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