Kate Winslet remembers that Titanic’s success terrified her and that the press was rough on her because of her physical appearance

Titanic movie success – 88% should have been one of the highlights of actress Kate Winslet’s life. Instead, her fame turned into a nightmare, and the actress finally revealed that her life was not rosy after starring in this movie, and although she changed her life in a positive way, she faced the downside as well. She alleges that much of the blame falls on the British media for turning on her once she became a world star, forcing her to protect herself and turn away. Possible from public scrutiny.

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Winslet I was 22 when I was Titanic She hit theaters and at the time such a role as her rise to fame also made her receive literally everyone’s starlets. The thing she never expected to come with her role in the James Cameron movie, which she co-starred with Leonardo DiCaprio, was the intensity with which many people criticized her and “bullied” her, which is the word she used to refer to him. Other people’s behavior towards it. We find it a bit difficult to imagine that she had a really bad time, but at the same time that doesn’t surprise us, and at that time nobody had Twitter because otherwise it would have been worse for her and even for the movie.

In his final stint on the podcast of fellow actor Mark Marron, he called WTF with Mark Marron (Across Limit), How public scrutiny changed her life forever, and that was when she pointed directly to the press as the culprit not only for referring to her in a negative way but because by reaching out to other people she helped encourage others as well, they will treat her that way.

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I went into self-protection mode immediately [después de que salió Titanic]. It was like day and night from day to day. I was subjected to a lot of personal physical scrutiny, I was subjected to severe criticism and the British press was too harsh for me. I was afraid, if I was honest. I remember thinking, “This is awful and I hope it ends.” It was definitely over, but it made me realize that if this was what he had to be famous, I wasn’t ready to be famous, definitely not.

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Put it in the spotlight, because Winslet (Eternal sunshine of the clean mind – 93% feelings and feelings – 98% Secret Passion – 61%) It took time for him to gain perspective on what had happened to him. He crafted a plan to avoid making big Hollywood movies and strategically tried to find smaller things, with the intention of being able to understand the trade a little better and in the process I understand myself a little better and that in turn would allow him to maintain a certain degree of privacy and dignity as he explained in the same interview. Dive into much smaller projects was his way of maintaining his mental integrity when the British press was ruthless at every step he took.

Filmed by the media every minute and seeing how many cars full of British tabloid photographers approached who were filming her while walking and buying some milk and one newspaper was annoying to the actress claiming that she was not prepared for that level of care.

He was still learning to act. He’s been doing this since he was only 17 years old. I wasn’t really ready to do many of the big jobs in Hollywood. It was a big responsibility. He did not want to make a mistake. He did not want to spoil it, he wanted to work in that profession for a long time.

About the stress of physical appearance, she said that her teachers told her that she was okay and that she could get a job if it was acceptable for her to “accept the roles of fat girls” and this led to her losing her self-confidence, with time he won again. Currently, he has a no-touch policy on his photos for the ad campaigns and movie posters he appears in.

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