Have you already seen WhatsApp statuses in your app? Look at them before they get deactivated, they have to deal with your privacy

Mexico: In case you haven’t noticed, the most important correspondent network in the world The WhatsApp, Publishing started status in you Implementation With regard to privacy embedded in their policies.

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After the media scandal that confirmed acceptance Policy No more than a week ago, The WhatsApp She started including her 24-hour data with these types of messages that separate these other points:

  1. Commitment to your privacy
  2. It clarifies that WhatsApp cannot read or listen to your personal conversations because they are end-to-end encrypted
  3. Also, you cannot see the sites that you share
  4. And you cannot share your contacts with WhatsApp

In this way, it ignores what many have said, that it can spy on you from the application, thus determining that it is a negative campaign encouraged by other services to make them lose followers.

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Today more than ever The WhatsApp It is safe and guarantees complete privacy so you can be calm and not get carried away by the fake.Advertising“, It indicates.

So if you still don’t look at this one MessagesDo it now, remember that WhasApp cases expire after 24 hours.

After the criticism and controversy that arose on social networking sites about the new application The WhatsApp Which will allow users to share their data with the Facebook app, the company reported that it has extended the deadline to start the changes until March 15th.

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“Now we’re going back the date that people will be required to review and agree to terms. No one’s account will be suspended or deleted on February 8th“, He said.

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