Coronavirus outbreak again complicates sport around the world – Welcome – 01/17/2021

The Formula 1 Retouch your calendar, Football Europe is paralyzed, American sports changing … revival Epidemic Disrupt global sport once again.

The sports calendar was actually cut short by two months from mid-March before it was restarted very gradually and mostly without a stadium crowd.

Buds in United kingdom Soccer affects football, with many matches suspended Premier League And the FA cup. At the European level, the Champions League and European League resumption continues in mid-February. No changes have been announced for the European Cup, scheduled for June 11 to July 11 as well.

season Formula 1 Will not start on Australia On March 21 as scheduled, but a week later the two seas, So it’ll also end after a week in Abu Dhabi, On December 12th instead of December 5th. Races in Australia and postponed China (Slated for April 11th) due to travel restrictions these two countries have imposed.

European rugby club competitions have been postponed at least until early February due to the health situation.

The NBA It also witnesses the closure of training centers and rescheduling of matches since the start of the season in December.

Despite everything, the organizing committee for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games He denied that he would hold a discussion in February about canceling the competitions, which are still scheduled from July 23 to August 8.

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