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Archaeologist and anthropologist, Ruth Shady Solis, Director of the Karal Archaeological District (ZAC), Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Culture, will deliver a keynote address to the UK academic sector, entitled ‘Karal Values’ of Civilization to Enhance Reflections in Today’s Society.

The activity will take place on Thursday, February 18 at 12:00 (Peru Time) And 5:00 pm (UK time). The virtual meeting is part of a program to commemorate the bicentenary of Peru 2021 that was launched in the British capital.

The conference is organized by the Embassy of Peru in the United Kingdom, in coordination with ZAC, and will include the participation of Ambassador Juan Carlos Gamarra, and the famous anthropologist, archaeologist, specialist in Andean history and linguistics, Bill Sellar.

This will enhance that more professionals and experts in various fields are interested In knowledge about the development of the Karal, as one of the centers of civilization in the world, it will seek to arouse interest in visiting this valuable and important archaeological site and the cultural heritage of Peruvians and humanity.

The BBC includes archaeologist and anthropologist Ruth Shady on its list of the world’s most influential womenIn recognition of the work done in the search for Karal, since 1994, and its contribution to today’s society through the transmission of social and cultural values, and work for equal opportunities between men and women in the country.

Television Corporation is the United Kingdom’s public service radio and television company.

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The cultural heritage of humanity

Karal is considered the first civilization to develop on the American continent, Five thousand years ago (3000 – 1800 BC), and it was called “the cradle of Andean cultures”, where it is assumed that its development promoted the formation of other cultures and interaction between them, the exchange of knowledge and products, and so on.

Archaeological investigations On the Karal they located 25 urban centersBuilt in the north-central region of the country. Twelve of them are being investigated and preserved by the Karal Archaeological District, for the benefit of present and future societies, the country and the world.

The main conference will be shared simultaneously with the University of Oxford, Kings College London, Canning House and University of London.

This activity is one of the agreements with the Embassy of Peru in the United Kingdom, where a photographic exhibition on Caral was also planned in that country, so that the international audience could learn more about this cultural heritage of mankind.

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Publication date: 2/15/2021

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